OTPSS delivers on the promise of EIM – unlocking the full potential of your data assets.  Your information is captured, accessible, sharable, actionable, and AI ready.  In addition, our solutions support government rules and regulations regarding information security and integrity.

When you partner with OpenText Public Sector Solutions (OTPSS), you’ll have access to our rich heritage of consulting services and deep domain knowledge of the OpenText™ products. Our EIM platform includes OpenText software which has been rated by the Forrester Wave in March 2023 as a Content Platform Leader and received the highest possible scores in document management, integrations and interoperability, collaborative workspaces, and digital process automation. We leverage our proven methodologies, expertise, and industry best practices to provide services across a range of solutions addressing every facet of Digital Transformation.

As public sector EIM experts, we offer solutions to help you manage and gain true value from your organization’s content by connecting it with your people and processes. With OpenText solutions, you can make processes more agile, gain efficiencies, control the cost and risk of content, and empower people to make better decisions.

OTPSS provides some of the following services using top-rated OpenText products:


Content Management

OTPSS specializes in delivering cutting-edge EIM solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our EIM solutions offer a comprehensive approach to managing an organization’s information assets throughout their lifecycle.  We work with the processes, technologies, policies, and strategies used to capture, store, manage, integrate, analyze, and deliver data and information effectively and securely across the enterprise. Our goal is to ensure that an organization’s information is available, accurate, timely, and accessible by the right people to support decision-making, compliance and overall business operations.

Records Management

Records Management

OTPSS is the premier provider of records management solutions for government.  Our consultants are domain experts and will ensure your Records Management program is defensible. Our solutions support specific requirements and best practices for meeting the objectives of the Managing Government Records Directive, M-12-18 and includes Email solutions, Records Management automation, DoD 5015.02-STD configuration and methodology, and seamless implementation of solutions for both electronic and physical records.

Digital Transformation

Case Management / Digital Transformation

OTPSS offers Digital Transformation solutions using OpenText’s AppWorks – a robust, scalable, service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform for case management and business process automation. The AppWorks platform offers point-and-click functionality to configure the workflows, data objects, user interfaces, roles, database services, email integration, email/correspondence templates, notification templates, business rules, and decision tables, allowing engineers to work together with business analysts to rapidly configure the features of the solution as they are defined today and adapt to evolving requirements in the future.

Intelligent Viewing

Content Imaging & Data Extraction

OTPSS offers solutions that use machine learning and AI to automate manual content processes to transform paper and digital content into actionable data. Our Intelligent Capture technology enables organizations to accurately extract data and information from diverse content sources and securely route that information to the right users and systems.  This ensures timely access to accurate information, precisely where and when it’s required.

Intelligent Viewing

Controlled Document Viewing

Document Viewing is a commodity feature for many systems today, however, some organizations require a higher level of security and document availability than most systems can provide.  OTPSS can implement controlled viewing of content, often required by regulated industries.  Our solutions are capable of ad hoc or bulk redactions based on rules and pattern matching.  We help organizations mitigate risk and ensure that users can view content without having to install additional software.

AI/Machine Learning

OTPSS offers comprehensive dashboards and reporting through our Analytics and Reporting platform, Magellan. Our team uses the  Analytics Designer to create interactive applications, dashboards, actionable business reports, and templates for deployment. Content created with Analytics Designer can aggregate multiple enterprise data sources to present a unified, consistent view of important information and accelerate decision making.



OTPSS understands that data migrations are a critical task for businesses and organizations as they evolve, upgrade their technology, or change their IT infrastructure. Whether your organization is migrating to the cloud, consolidating content spread across the enterprise, or embarking on an archiving effort, our proven migration methodology lowers the risk of down-time,  lowers the risk of data loss, and reduces costs.


As people and processes become increasingly dependent on accessing and using digital content to increase efficiency and enable better decision-making. OTPSS has a team of very skilled, highly qualified developers that connect critical business content to lead application processes.  Allowing users of the lead business application to access relevant content items seamlessly without leaving the business application UI.



Even for organizations already using our highly rated offerings, OTPSS remains the best option for upgrading systems with OpenText products. As the only organization that can claim both cleared personnel and direct access to OpenText resources, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best experience while improving an organization’s security stance, enhancing productivity, delivering new functionality, and remaining in compliance.

Our services help to provide:

Better information flow and control

This benefit leads to better organizational performance, risk mitigation, and compliance.

Automated decision and workflow capabilities

Promotes consistency in how tasks are executed, which generates more reliable outcomes, and minimizes variations and errors in routine processes while improving data quality and customer satisfaction.

Standardized processes so that everyone approaches tasks in the same way

Our solutions lead to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and decreased operational costs.

Improved collaboration

Our solutions ensure everyone is working from the same playbook which leads to better coordination and communication

Enhanced reporting capabilities for improved decision-making

Our easy report authoring tool uses a WYSIWYG designer to provide fast, presentation-quality reports and dashboards.

Seamless integration with lead business applications

Providing a simple path to bridge information siloes, automate processes, and provide the right information, at the right time, to the right person.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

EIM solutions can help you comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Avoiding fines and legal issues.

Knowledge transfer to your staff

When processes are standardized, it’s easier for employees to share knowledge and best practices. This is crucial for business continuity and succession planning.

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