Records Management

In addition to the need to manage your organization’s documents, there are a host of other items you need to capture, retain, organize, and access. Those items, regardless of what they consist of, can be considered “records” – customer records, correspondence records, and employee records.

Records may consist of structured data (data that has been keyed into a database) or unstructured data (the type of information you might store in columns and rows).  Regardless of the structure, properly managing records is a critical priority.


Our OpenText Records Management solutions can help you:

  • Identify vital records on paper or in electronic forms;
  • Evaluate existing record archives and records management programs;
  • Follow strict government standards (including DoD 5015.2);
  • Develop standards for the destruction and archival of records;
  • Integrate archives and records management into your initiatives;
  • Leverage products from the OpenText solution suite to meet specific project or agency requirements;
  • Follow best practices to meet M-12-18 objectives;
  • Develop a migration strategy for your records.

Email Archiving

The Managing Government Records Directive, M-12-18, specifies that Email must be managed electronically by the end of calendar year 2016.  OTPSS provides best practice methodology, tools, and processes to ensure that email is preserved in a way that meets the needs of all stakeholders, including IT, Records Management, and Legal (eDiscovery, FOIA and congressional inquiries).

The National Archives has recommended a streamlined, role based approach to Email management called Capstone.  OTPSS provides solutions that include Capstone methodology as well as more sophisticated approaches, including Auto Classification.