One core competency that sets Content Server Public Sector Solutions apart, in addition to being Content Server experts, is our mission to use the Lifecycle Methodology systems development approach. It guides how we:

  • Automate businesses processes – including, how we deliver standard, repeatable steps to streamline workflow and to make everyone within an organization more efficient.
  • Address all of the information (structured and unstructured) that users associate with that process – including, how that data will be accessed, utilized, and managed.

Our Lifecycle Methodology is:

  • A proven six-step development process modeled after the Department of Army; Regulation No. 25-1-2 process, entitled “Life Cycle Management of Automated Information Systems” and Carnegie Mellon’s SEI CMMI.
  • A structured plan for needs analysis, concept assessment, design, development, and implementation, which helps to mitigate development risks.
  • A process which ensures solutions are tailored to meet your exact needs (and can be traced back to those needs.)
  • A means for improving project management capabilities and for tracking project success.