Improve constituent satisfaction by processing and responding to citizen requests more quickly and efficiently

With mandates for open and transparent public sector institutions, government organizations are forced to manage an increasing number of public information requests. OpenText FOIA Request Tracking gives public sector institutions the ability to effectively and securely manage citizen requests for information, from the request receipt through response package submission and any corresponding appeals.

Governments use OpenText FOIA Request Tracking to automate information request processes and eliminate multiple touch-points, duplicated error and backlogs due to inaccuracies. FOIA Request Tracking expedites and automates the process, fulfilling constituent rights to access information from government and promoting transparency of information with guaranteed security and privacy of constituent information.



With OpenText FOIA Request Tracking, public sector institutions can:

  • Gain efficiencies in managing a multitude of Freedom of Information and/or Access to Information (FOI/ATI) Acts requests; eliminates reliance on paperwork
  • Find information quickly and easily throughout the public information request lifecycle
  • Expedite responses to public information requests and administrative appeals
  • Improve productivity for all staff who handle public information requests
  • Reduce the risk of mismanaged deadlines and requests getting lost or going astray
  • Ensure compliance to institutional FOI/ATI regulations and policies
  • Integrate FOI/ATI processes with their organizational information management operations
  • Increase stakeholder engagement and stakeholder satisfaction


  • Provides an automated business process to route public information requests to appropriate staff and meet response deadlines while adhering to government compliance standards. The business process is broken down into wizard-like steps that guides users through the process and ensures that all appropriate steps are taken.
  • A dashboard contains all the information needed to respond to and manage all public information requests, helping users find information quickly and easily throughout the public information request tracking lifecycle
  • Provides robust redaction capabilities, including tools that allow rapid search and removal of sensitive information from documents, drawings, and images, either automatically with workflow or manually with individual area and text selection tools.
  • Maintains a complete audit trail of all tasks, communication and documents associated with a public information request.
  • Automatically generates letters and e-mail for outgoing correspondence, status updates, and appeals using configurable letter and email templates.
  • All incoming and outgoing correspondence can easily be attached to the public information request case file.